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About Flu Prevention Partners: Overview

Flu Prevention Partners is a division of WPV that provides timely, professional, quality and cost effective flu vaccination and education services to the general public and corporate partners. These services are done both on-site at employer locations as well as at community clinics.

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Flu Prevention Partners Public Clinics:

Each year, up to 20% of Americans are affected by the influenza virus which means higher absenteeism rates at work and higher health care costs for employers. With flu and pneumonia vaccination services from Flu Prevention Partners, your business will have fewer absences, lower health care costs and increased overall efficiency.


Flu Prevention Partners' track record of success in community and corporate health services, education and population management research comes from an experienced nursing staff. The experienced and professional staff at Flu Prevention Partners provides flu prevention services with genuine interest and concern to deliver high quality, personalized care that you will not find elsewhere.
Flu Prevention Partners is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations.


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