WPV Inc.

Body Composition Testing

Do You Know What You're Made Of?

While measurements such as weight and BMI are helpful, they are an inexact way to assess your health. Monitoring body composition (your body fat and muscle development) creates a better understanding of how diet, lifestyle and exercise regimens influence your body composition. Knowing which changes are impacting your body composition can help you attain your wellness goals

WPV offers body composition scanning to clients and their employees. Scans using InBody technology provide fast, accurate and comprehensive body composition measurements. Knowing these measurements can lead to a better understanding of a person's current health and how diet and exercise impact body composition.

With an approximately two-minute exam, the InBody device uses a patented technology to precisely and comfortably measure body composition by sending low, imperceptible electrical pulses through your body.

This exam yields accurate results for body composition outputs including:

  • weight,
  • total body fat,
  • total body lean mass,
  • estimated basal metabolic rate,
  • as well as intracellular and extracellular water.

A personalized body composition analysis is explained to you by our registered nurse and is printed for you to take home after the exam.