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Flu Clinic Cost Calculator

Flu Clinic Cost Calculator

To assist employers in planning for in-house flu programs, Flu Prevention Partners created a Flu Vaccination Cost Calculator that can be used to estimate the savings that an in-house flu program can provide. The calculator has been adapted from the Novartis cost estimation model and its parameters are based on well documented research and publications.

Using the calculator
Some of the data used in the calculation has already been entered, however, in order for the calculator to accurately estimate your savings, all of the values can be changed to match the data for your company. After you've made the necessary changes, click on the Submit button. Your results will be shown below the calculator in the Results section.

Note: You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser in order for the calculator to work.

Enter data
  Number of employees: Vaccine efficacy (%)
  Avg. hourly wage ($): Cost of vaccine and administration ($):
  Work-day length (hrs):    
  Flu illness rate (%): Flu-Work loss (days/employee):
  Doctor visit rate (%): Flu-Productivity loss (days/employee):
  Doctor visit cost ($): Flu-Productivity loss level (%):
  Hospital. rate (%): Vaccination-Work loss to receive vaccine (hrs/employee):
  Hospital. cost ($): Vaccination-Work loss due to side effects (days/employee):
  5) COMPARISON     Rate A Rate B  
      Vaccination Rates: % %

Based on the data entered, you could potentially . Detailed results are shown below. This calculation is only an estimate and not a quote nor a final price. WPV cannot guarantee any savings.

  1) COMPARISON   Rate A Rate B Difference
      Number of employees vaccinated:
      Estimated number of flu cases:
  2) VACCINATION COSTS ($) Rate A Rate B Difference
      Vaccine and administration:
      Vaccination-Work loss:
      Side effects-Work loss:
  3) DISEASE COSTS ($)     Rate A Rate B Difference
      Doctor visits:
      Work loss:
      Productivity loss:
  4) TOTAL COSTS ($)     Rate A Rate B Difference
      Disease costs:
      Vaccination costs:
      Total costs: