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WPV's President to Present at NHRA's October Educational Session

WPV's President, Tiffany Passmore, will be speaking at the NHRA Rochester affiliate educational series on: Pre-Employment Medical Examinations, Drug Testing & Fitness for Duty Evaluations: Legal Considerations & Best Practices on Tuesday, October 17th from 8 AM-10 AM. 

The following is a description of what her presentation will cover: 

Employers have many practical and legal considerations when incorporating medical examinations and drug testing into pre-employment check requirements in addition to incorporating fitness for duty evaluations into current employment practices. This program will explore:

  1. The purpose, benefits, and potential risks of pre-employment medical exams or drug tests
  2. How to develop a pre-employment physical and/or drug testing program that is in compliance with applicable federal and state laws, including essential components of such programs
  3. Types of drug testing programs (including pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, andrandom) and associated risks with drug testing programs
  4. What to do when an applicant or employee receives a positive drug test result
  5. When employers can require fitness-for-duty medical exams and what to do with the results

Those who are interested in attending can register here:  https://www.humanresources.org/website/c/index.php?page=post&id=469