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Our nurse-based delivery of services allows us to focus on the whole you.

WPV brings extensive experience and professionalism to each of our services and customize our support to the individual needs and concerns of your business. We have been in practice for over a decade and we have the clinical expertise to help you to create successful programs in wellness, disease prevention and employee safety now and in the future.

We have a guaranteed commitment to customer satisfaction, personalized service and trusted relationships. We design and develop wellness solutions from nurses who care. Get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire about whether our services are right for your business.

End-to-end support for all of your corporate health needs.

Biometric health Screenings

WPV values a more personal approach to health screenings. Unlike other providers that conduct screenings in an assembly-line fashion (with multiple stations and paperwork), we employ the one-stop screening protocol. Those being screened are seen by one registered nurse only. The nurse takes care of all of their paperwork, screenings and provides detailed education and counseling based on the screening results.



Flu Prevention Partners, a division of WPV, provides timely, professional, quality and cost effective flu vaccination and education services to the general public and corporate partners. These services are done both on-site at employer locations as well as at community clinics.

body composition testing

WPV offers body composition scanning to clients and their employees. Scans using InBody technology provide fast, accurate and comprehensive body composition measurements. Knowing these measurements can lead to a better understanding of a person's current health and how diet and exercise impact body composition.



drug testing

Drug and Background Screeners, a division of WPV,  will assist in the creation of a turnkey drug-free workplace program for your company in order to become a drug-free workplace. A policy is written on your behalf, customized to the needs and specifics of your business. This policy will comply with all federal and state mandates for regulated and non-regulated drug testing. Our consultants will then meet with your management staff to implement the policy and to address any questions or concerns you may have.

wellness education & Coaching services

As healthcare costs continue to rise, comprehensive health and wellness education programs and nurse coaching services stand out as a personalized, viable long-term solution for keeping employees healthy and lowering their risk for disease.




background checks

We understand the importance of having the assurance that your new hires have been carefully vetted before they start on the job. That's why our drug & background screening division of WPV offers a full complement of comprehensive background check services. 

WPV is, hands down, THE best wellness vendor that I’ve ever worked with and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
— Leanne Fisher, Global Wellness Manager, The Cooper Companies (parent co. of Coopervision)


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